Association for the Support of Dispossessed /KISE /




Founded in 1990



Our association is the Association for the Support of Dispossessed in Hungary ( Kisemmizettek Érdekvédelmi Egyesülete , KISE ) , founded in 1990. We are a 33-year-old civil rights organization.


In our country has not been in restitution, that the victims who have been dispossessed by the totalitarian systems ( national socialism, communism ), did not get back their rightful property until today.


Our country is the only country in this respect, because after the dissolution of communism in Eastern Europe has been restitution in all former soviet-block countries, except Hungary; that is, the property was returned to the legal owners everywhere. Therefore, what we are fighting in Hungary, now a quarter of a century, that also happen here in restitution. The right to property is one of the most basic human rights, uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Rome Convention. Our governments are so far to the right of this neglected or taken.


The number of victims estimate of 6 million people, the heirs also included.


Similarly, do not bother much with no previous governments, who were killed in totalitarian systems, or imprisoned, interned.




17 Aug 2012



US Embassy, Budapest Hungary


Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis


Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 15:44:45 +0200




Janos Csokai

Ont. / Canada

Phone No:


Subject: Robbed genocide victims without compensation, by the hungarian communist regime


Dated: Canada, 16.08.2012


Dear Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis!


My name is János Csokai. I am a hungarian-canadian citizen, but my son, Attila Csokai and his family is US citizen.


I want to report a serious human rights and international agreement violation committed by the Hungarian government.


Restitution of assets and compensate for the loss.


The communist regime took our family properties, business, and other assets without compensation in 1952 Nyíradony and the Guthi forest, Hungary. The family was tortured and partially destroyed. Part of my family is Holocaust survivor.


In 1981, I left Hungary. The Hungarian communist regime took my home - Budapest, Táltos u. 6 fszt. 5 - assets, business and a grill restaurant etc... without any kind of compensation and restitution.


I reported this crime many times to the Minister of Justice, namely Tibor Navracsis, but no response.


We can not turn to the Hungarian Court, because the Restitution Law not exist yet.


Please report this matter to the US Congress and other Authorities.


Please protect US citizen victims!


Sincerely: Janos Csokai






17 Aug 2012
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Comments/Commentaires : Dear Mr. Stephen Harper!
My name is Janos Csokai. I am a canadian-hungarian citizen. The Hungarian regime in 1952 and in 1981 robbed my whole family. Took our houses, businesses, assets in Hungary without restitution or compensation. Even today the EU-member Hungarian Regime did not introduce the Restitution law wich is in effect in other EU-member ex-communist countries. The Hungarian Regime uses our assets for financial gains, which they benefit from. They neglect the Human Rights Code and the commitment to International Agreements. The Hungarian Regime tortured and destroyed part of my family. Part of my family is Holocaust survivor. Our family is the uncompensated communist genocide victim of the Hungarian Government. Dear Mr. Prime Minister! We not able to turn to the Hungarian Court, because of the Restitution Law still not exist in Hungary. Genocide is continue today, because we are not able to return to our houses and businesses. The assets are gone. Please help in this subject matter. We hope that, the canadians will never have the same experience, that happened with our family.
Sincerly: Janos Csokai


 30. october. 2009.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to ask you to support us to finish one of the most atrocious chapters of modern history.
The Czech president Vaclav Klaus will only sign the Lisbon Treaty under his conditions, which means legalizing the illegality, committed by the Czechoslovakian government after World War 2 for all times. Robert Fico, president of Slovakia, has joined this ultimatum.
The Benes Decrees are part of these unjust measures, the basis for the expulsion of several hundred thousands of Hungarians, Sudeten- and Carpathian (Karpaten) Germans, the confiscation of their possessions and their home country. Many thousands have lost their lives during this ethnic cleaning.
The Benes Decrees trampled on basic human rights, a situation fatal till today.
As the Czech Republic and Slovakia consider these Decrees as unimpeachable, their governments refuse any kind of restitution. The Slovakian government even aggravated the anti-Hungarian language law on 1 September 2009.
A European Union, submitting to the threats of Vaclav Klaus and Robert Fico, will lose its trustworthiness with the protection of the very basic human rights and interests of its citizens. The democratic European Union cannot accept and legalize any decrees, which allow Governments to exercise any kind of discrimination to members of other ethnic groups.

Hahn-Seidl Alida
Hunnia Friends, Germany
Hunnia Barati Kör, Németország


The most wicked sin against historical rights and all kinds of human rights is when people are expelled from their homeland and  forced to set up a home elsewhere.                           Albert Schweizer “ The problem of peace in our times”  


You and your family are cordially invited to the conference entitled: 

“It stared with the Benes Decree

Property and Confiscation – Law and Justice”

Place:  “Magyarok Háza” (House of the Hungarians)  Széchenyi Hall

Budapest, V. Semmelweis u. 1-3. 

Time: Saturday, October 13, 2007, 11 AM


Bernd Posseld, MdEP President

Sudetendeutsche Landsmannschaft Bunderverband e.V. (Germany) 

Presentations by:

Gerhard Zeihsel President

Bundesverband der Sudetendeutsche Landsmannschaft in Österreich

„Germans from Sudetenland in Germany and Austria” 

Dr. Éva Maria Barki

President of the East European Forum and AWR Austria

Member of the Board of the Austrian Human Rights League

„Law and Justice, Human Rights in Europe” 

Dr. János Galla

Vice President of the Association for the Support of Dispossessed

„Home is the most sacred place on Earth” 

Dr. Vendel Hambuch

President of the German Minority Self – Government of Budapest

„The destiny of Germans in Hungary after 1945” 

Miklós Patrubány

President of the World Association of Hungarians

The state preying on its citizens, or the collapsing rule of law” 

Dr. Zsolt Zétényi

President of the National Foundation for the Protection of Rights

„The so-called Hungarian Czechoslovakian population exchange” 

As generally known, a considerable number, several hundred thousand German and Hungarian members of the population (who had lived together peacefully in the Carpathian basin for centuries) were deported or forced to flee and were dispossessed of their properties after the Communist occupation. Their cruel fate was similar to those of the Germans in the Sudetenland. Those who stayed in Hungary (both civilians and clerics) were sent to the Gulags, deported within Hungary and were forced into inhumane conditions in addition to complete dispossession of their properties. These people who are deeply hurt in their human and citizen rights have not yet not received just legal compensation after the political changes 17 years ago. Therefore the interest groups, organizations and foundations of the Hungarian dispossessed decided that they would call for the need to restore justice and legality. With the organization of this conference they wish to draw the attention of Europe and the World to this unsustainable situation. 

Supporting organizations: World Association of Hungarians, Association for the Support of Dispossessed, National Foundation for the Protection of Rights, Trianon Association of the Buda region, Foundation of the Bell of National Memory, German Minority Self-Government of Budapest, Hungarian-Austrian-Bavarian-Baaden-Württemberg Association, Association for the Defense of Hungarian Interests 

(Please show this invitation at the door. Entrance fee will be charged)

Send us your intention of participation:

Approach: metro2  - station Astoria, or metro3 - station Ferenciek tere